Sunday, March 2, 2008


You can make or break the look of your face by using the right or wrong eye makeup.

The make up that you choose for your eyes should emphasize the natural color of your eyes.
It should also emphasize the shape of your eyes.

If you can afford the time and money then seek some advice from a professional and get them to help you choose the correct colors for your eye makeup as it can make a world of difference.

There is so many things that you can do with your eyes by using the right makeup.

By adding shadowing you can add more depth to your eyes.
You can make tired eyes look lively (but only within reason)
If you're constantly lacking sleep and tired all the time you're going to need some good concealer to cover up the dark circles that you will develop under your eyes.

Here are some tips to change the look of your eyes;

To make your eyes look rounder, add eye shadow to both the upper and lower lids.
Another way to do this is to use an eye liner and outline the base of your lashes.

To make your eyes look more oval draw a line at the base of your lashes thickening the line slightly in the middle.

To make your eyes look further apart start your eyeliner line away from the inner corner of your eye and make it slightly thicker towards the outer edge, extending it in a slightly upward stroke.

To make your eyes appear closer together you are virtually creating the opposite illusion to what you did to make your eyes look further apart.
In this case the eyeliner would be slightly thicker at the inner corner of the eye and you would stop the line at the outer edge feathering it off slightly thinner.

Shadowing and the use of dark and light colors can also make the eye look bigger or smaller depending on your requirements.