Wednesday, August 29, 2007


One of the more obvious signs of aging is the excess skin that begins to hang over the eyes.
This skin makes the eyes look more 'closed-in' and can even affect a person's ability to apply eye shadow correctly.

While surgery is one alternative that many people will resort to, there are many people who are still unaware that Botox can also have a very positive affect at giving a person a brow lift without the need for surgery.

By paralyzing the muscles in the brow with an injection of Botox the area above the eyes will begin to lift as the Botox takes affect.
When this happens the skin on the eyelids will also lift and the eyes will become more 'open'

These brow lifts are being sought by an increasing number of people who are looking for suitable alternatives to surgery and the results that can be obtained from Botox injections are really quite outstanding when performed by an experienced specialist.

It is essential that you get an experienced person to perform this if you are considering getting it done as an incorrect procedure can result in the opposite effect with your eyes looking more closed than previously.

With such a fast and virtually painless procedure that results in no requirement for recovery time, Botox brow lifts are becoming the solution of choice for rapid 'rejuvenation' of that youthful look.

First timers should err on the light side until the results of the first injections are visible to see how the process has worked as all people react differently.

It is better to do this in small steps as the convenience of the procedure allows you this option.

In addition to the brow lift, Botox is highly effective for reducing the crow's-feet and fine lines that extend out from the corners of the eye.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


As we age our skin becomes more fragile and the things that we once took for granted need a little more care.

The care that we have given to our skin when we are younger and the lifestyle that we lead will all have a bearing on the condition and the maintenance of the skin as we age.

Older skin will burn more easily when exposed to the sun and it will lack the elasticity of youthful skin.

This will lead to more facial lines particularly around the eyes, mouth and the forehead.

Often the skin will become sensitive to products that were once suitable and you will need to look at alternative products that will account for these changes.

One of the benefits of aging is that those who were once susceptible to breakouts will not usually experience them any longer but often there will be something else equally annoying that will replace it.
This can be in the form of drier skin and an increase in broken and or unsightly capillaries.

The skin will also tend to lose some of its color and can become blotchy.

For those who have enjoyed a little too much sun in their youth the skin can look quite leathery and this is also due to the increasing dryness due to decreased blood flow and dehydration.

Age spots and broken blood vessels are other signs of age that we can all look forward to and the need for good foundations are necessary to cover these irregularities.

And last but not least is the effect that gravity will have on the skin that has become less elastic over the years.

It's not all bad news as there are many excellent products that can assist in the skin feeling and looking healthy at any age.

It is really just a matter of making changes to the products that you use to allow for these changes and the right choices can only be made by testing and choosing formulations that are designed specifically for your changing skin type.

Monday, August 20, 2007


The first step when applying foundation is to ensure that you shake the bottle well.
This is particularly important when using oil based foundations as they tend to separate.

If you haven't already applied some moisturizer to your face then add a touch of moisturizer to your palm (just a few drops will do) and mix it with the foundation that you will also apply to your palm.

Once this is well mixed, take some of the foundation and the end of your fingers or a small sponge and dot it about your cheeks, chin, forehead and nose.

With sufficient foundation in these areas you can start to smooth it over your face.

Gently blend the foundation over your face in an upward and outward motion.

Be sure that you don't miss any areas and in particular the sides of your nose.
Blend it well where your nose and cheeks meet as it is quite easy in this area to get a build up a foundation that can look quite unsightly.

Other areas that need special attention are under your eyebrows and around the jaw line.

Make sure that you blend the foundation just below the jaw line.

When you're finished gently blot your face with a tissue to ensure that there is no excess oil left on your skin.

A good application of foundation should look very natural and not as though it has being plastered on.

In addition to using the correct procedure for applying a foundation you must choose a foundation that is suitable for your skin type and your skin coloring.

If you can't find a foundation that blends well with your skin coloring it might be necessary for you to get two foundations and mix them together for your own custom blend.

As foundation is the base for all your makeup it is essential that you get this step right.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Free radicals are responsible for damaging the skin.
This damage is caused by the degradation of the collagen and the elastin in the skin, thereby reducing the skins ability to renew damaged cells.

Antioxidants help to fight off these free radicals and are naturally occurring substances that are not harmful to the skin.

When applied directly to the skin antioxidants reduce the free radicals and some believe that they can actually reverse mild damage that has occurred over the years.

Skin that has been over exposed to the sun might gain some form of rejuvenation from the use of antioxidants.

The vitamins A, C and E are the most popular antioxidants used in skin care products and these have shown in scientific tests to improve the condition of the skin and help reduce any additional damage from occurring.

One antioxidant that has gained a lot of respect for its properties in recent years is grape seed extract.

Grape seed extract has specific properties that help to reduce inflammation of the skin.
It has also shown to help strengthen the capillary walls and more skin care products are adding grape seed extract due to these positive effects on the skin.

Another natural product is green tea extract and this antioxidant is well worth mentioning here due to the active ingredient catechins.

This ingredient of green tea has been shown in tests to reduce the size of pre-cancerous skin lesions.

Many of the best skin care creams have some form of antioxidants in their ingredients, as the manufacturers are aware of the benefits of including them for their customers.

Vitamin A is often shown on the list of ingredients on skin care products by the derivatives of retinol and retinyl palminate.

You will often see the ingredient retinol listed on the packs of anti acne products, as this is one ingredient that has proven to be affective for reducing acne.

Friday, August 17, 2007


There is no doubt about the fact that we're living a lot longer, and people are becoming interested in anti aging products to ensure that they get more years of enjoyment as they age.

The best solution for anti aging is to take care of your body and health along the way.
The usual list of advice applies here, with regular exercise, good sleep, drinking sufficient water and eliminating stress where possible.

Skincare manufacturers are aware of the ever increasing elderly age group who require good products to help maintain a healthy skin.
With skin becoming more sensitive as people age they need to have the choice of products in their preferred brands that they know they can continue to use without causing irritation.

Usually the changes are made quite gradually where you will notice that a product that you've been using for years is slowly beginning to irritate your skin.
At other times due to various things that are happening in your life you can find a product that was perfectly good for your skin one month is no longer suitable.

Many of the anti aging products on the market are quite mild as they are targeted towards people who are older.
The manufacturers of quality products do a lot of research on people in the older age groups and they know what skin conditions they suffer from and what is needed to assist them in maintaining good skin health.

Many of these anti aging products have a high degree of natural ingredients that are not only milder on the skin but they also have rejuvenating factors that can make a big difference if used on a regular basis.

Anti aging skincare products will protect, maintain, and rejuvenate the skin and many people who have used them for years have seen the benefits in the long-term by looking considerably younger than their counterparts.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Acne is the curse of the teenage face.
For most people the problems that they have as a teenager with acne will disappear as they get older but this is not always the case.

There are large numbers of adults who suffer from acne and this can be very distressing to live with.

There are several reasons why adults can get acne and these range from problems such as stress to hormonal problems that can be made worse by medications.

The cause of acne is when the skin pore or hair follicle becomes blocked.
This blockage is caused by skin cells that are exfoliated but not completely removed from the skin.

The skin cells block the pores and this forms a plug that traps sebum.
This in turn leads to a build up of bacteria and the resultant inflammation of the skin.

There are many more excellent products on the market that can help reduce the incidence of acne in adolescents and adults alike.

The most common treatment is the use of retinoids that are derived from vitamin A.

Retin-A is the most popular of these applications and is a prescription medication but there are other 'over the counter' products such as retinol that are also a suitable solution for many people.

These medications work by removing the stickiness in the cell that causes the discarded cells to remain trapped.

By allowing those cells to be freely exfoliated there is no buildup of sebum and a reduction in the incidence of bacteria buildup.

There are other products on the market that assist in unclogging blocked pores by penetrating to the sebaceous matter and some of these products are used in the better quality cleansers.

While you should not expect results overnight you can bring your skin up to a higher level of health by using these cleansers on a regular basis and after a few weeks you should see a reduction in the occurrence of acne whereby the regular use of these products should maintain a healthy and blemish free skin.